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*The ranch is for sale. There are 2 adjoining parcels, with separate titles. They can be purchased separately or together.

Please see rockymountainbuffaloranch.com/realestate for more information or email sanctuary@redshift.bc.ca



Below you'll find some links to activities and entertainment that you can enjoy in the Blaeberry Valley, Golden, and the surrounding area. If you need help in connecting to some of these activities or have any additional questions just let us know and we'll be happy to help.




The Buffalo,


Rocky Mountain Buffalo ranch is a working ranch. Our herd of buffalo (also called bison) live side by side with elk, wolf, and mountain lion, among other wild animals that winter on and pass through the ranch.

As a guest you get to get close and personal with these animals.

Calving season is in late spring, just about the time dandelion flowers are covering the pastures. It's not unusual to catch a birth in process at this time of year, and it's quite a joy to see those little buffalo running around when they figure out they have powerful little legs.

If you visit in the winter you'll see an animal built for Canadian winters! With woolly winter coats, icicles hanging off their faces at times, and steamy breath it's a whole different picture from summer but you'll find it a testament to the hardiness of this ancient creature.

The ranch honors and respects the sacred connection the Native Americans had and still have with buffalo. Living with them and working with them has taught the Downey family a new level of respect and understanding. On an extended visit or through a passage of the harvest and sacrifice, one begins to scratch the surface of the relationship that existed hundreds of years ago in the native culture.

The buffalo became a species on the verge of extinction. When European settlers arrived in North America, somewhere between 60 and 125 million bison lived here. In 1889 approximately 1,000 bison remained. Conservation efforts have enabled the buffalo population to rebound to about 700,000 in National Parks and private herds. Buffalo ranches have contributed to a 35% yearly growth in population.

Their presence here on the ranch is a powerful gift. It speaks of the past and is a reminder to appreciate the present. Guests leave deeply touched by their spirit. There are plenty of buffalo stories to be shared around the campfire, and those that visit the ranch always leave with their own unique story.

Our bull sire "Chester" who many of our guests got to meet and enjoy passed on in Dec. 2012. He was 26. It was an honor to know and live with him for 14 1/2 years. He taught us so much, and left us with beautiful, powerful memories.

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Public Buffalo Tours,


10 to 6 every day through September 30th, 2013

Tour Companies: Please contact R.M.B.Ranch for group rates.

Our buffalo meat customers and vacation rental guests have special no fee buffalo tour privileges.

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Nature Retreats -

The ranch holds a variety of environments perfect for unwinding from the stresses of the world and immersing in nature. There is riverfront on the Blaeberry river, year round Paris Creek, pond, spectacular open vistas, meadows, forested areas, and open campfires to enjoy.




Activities Around Golden,


Horseback riding - Located at Kicking Horse Resort...enjoy beautiful vistas overlooking the Columbia Valley.


Golf and Country Club - Golfing with views of the Rockies and Purcell
mountain ranges! After your round of golf...you can step in to their restaurant and savor some of our buffalo.


Skiing and Snowboarding

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Winter: CNN.com and Travel & Leisure Magazine - Named Kicking Horse Mountain Resort the “best place to go powder skiing in the world!”


Purcell Helicopter Skiing - An unforgettable powder experience!


Chatter Creek Cat Skiing - Remote and spectacular backcountry cat and heliskiing.



White Water Rafting - Find out why they call this “Kicking Country”! Alpine Rafting Co. can guide you on the Kicking Horse river from introductory “family friendly” runs to the “Kicking Horse challenge”.


Wolf Center -

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Center where you can see wolves and enjoy an educational interpretive tour.





Cross Country Skiing - www.goldennordicclub.ca

Mountain Biking -

Kicking Horse mountain Resort offers you an 18 minute ride up the gondola and 4,000 vertical feet of down time!


Fairmont Hot springs - www.fairmontresort.com

Radium Hot springs - www.radiumhotsprings.com

Summer “Lakes Tour” - That’s what we call a highly recommended day tour we
like to send our guests on. You’ll get to experience some classic Canadian
Rockies lakes. We encourage our guests to wake up early and head over to
famous Lake Louise before the crowds arrive....then wander a few minutes
drive to Moraine Lake, hike a bit then go down to the cafe. Grab a cup of
coffee and a muffin then head over to Emerald Lake for a walk and photo’s.
There you can have lunch at Cilantro Cafe, or the Emerald Lake Lodge, or
drive a few minutes into Field...a little historic Canadian railway town and
have lunch at The Truffle Pig Cafe!

National Parks - We are surrounded by National and Provincial Parks so you
can take your pick. The “lakes tour” above takes you into Yoho National
Park. On a separate day we recommend continuing on to Banff and Jasper
Parks. Pick up a guide at the parks entrance and form a plan that fits your
family. Banff is 1 1/2 hours away.


Fishing Guides - Contact us for information.


Snowmobiling - Maps to local trails if your on your own;


If you are looking for a guide see:





Heli-skiing and Heli-hiking - Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (and hiking!) has been leading heli-skiing adventures in our area for the past 15 years. They strive to preserve the excitement and adventure of the past by exploring the mountains in small groups allowing each person to find their little piece of nature whether that is an epic moment of bottomless powder or an inspiring view of Canada's vast wilderness.







Rocky Mountain Buffalo Co,


As we worked with buffalo a natural progression took place where we could first learn to feed our family what we considered to be sacred meat, then offer this to others as well. Rocky Mountain Buffalo Company offers you delicious 100% naturally raised buffalo meat. To learn more about our journey in that endeavor, to learn more about buffalo meat and it's high nutritional ratings, and to read testimonials, please go to our website www.rockymountainbuffalo.com

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